Birthday Wishlist

With my birthday just around the corner (next Tuesday), I was thinking of a good wish list of items I have been eyeing for some time.  I usually take quick breaks and window online shop and usually bookmark the things that I just need in my life.  So here it is, my wish list, so far this month.  All I can do is wish, right?
I will not reveal my age!
Birthday Presents 2





2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishlist

  1. You’re smart for actually bookmarking items! When it finally comes to my birthday or christmas all my ideas fly right out of my head and I no longer know what I want. Even though chances are I’ve been lusting over the items for months and months. It’s a problem. And woot, happy belated birthday!!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    • Is complicated for me too! I have so many bookmarks of things i want and i look at them everyday and tjey stay there dor months! And i keep adding haha. I have a problem of not wanting to spend sometimes…

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