My most wanted

My most wanted
These items have been in my mind over the past months and I can’t stop thinking about them.  I have been saving them for a special occasion for me to really have a reason to get them as a gift; like my anniversary and birthday, even Christmas!
  1. I have been dreaming about this dress for so long.  I love all the lace detail and how lovely it looks.  It is so romantic to me.  It looks like the perfect length too. I have been waiting for a special occasion when I can wear this beautiful dress.  I am thinking my first year anniversary!
  2. I have been wanting a nice leather bag for quite a while.  The kind of bag that will probably will be with you forever.  I found out about the Cambridge Satchel Company and I knew I found the right one for me.  To start, I would love this 13″-14″ Classic Oxblood, perfect to carry my laptop with me.  As many of you know, my laptop is my life as I am a full-time student and a blogger.  I am thinking this would be the perfect birthday gift!
  3. I am the pickiest person when it comes to shoes, but when I found ones that I love I need to have them!  I have been following the Swedish Hasbeens shoes for some time.  Their unique style are what makes me love them and want them so much, is the kind of shoe that will be you for a long time.  I have heard they are comfortable too.  But is not the kind of shoe you can just buy, unless you have lots of money … So I have been waiting patiently, and continue waiting.  But this will be my Christmas present hands down!
What are some of your most wanted things this year?



Brunch Lovers

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Justin and I have noticed that we love breakfast, it will probably start to be a Sunday tradition. I got this shorts years ago at a thrift store, but they didn’t quite look this way, they were quite long.  I bought them so I could fix them to a length I like.  But it took me years before I did anything to them.  My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas, and even though I really don’t know how to use it, I tried my best to hem this shorts with a straight line.  They turned out fine to me!  I can wear them now and they are perfect for the summer.  I can’t wait to style them in so many ways!




wearing: shorts- thrifted, top- H&M, shoes- Chelsea Crew, handbag & headband- Forever 21





After everyone’s feedback I had to post an easy step by step on how to make this diy door mat!

First, materials!

  1. Mat (got it at IKEA for $5!)
  2. Fabric paint (color of your choice)
  3. Xacto knife
  4. Brush
  5. Stencil with the word of your choice
  6. Pins


First, cut the stencil with your xacto knife.



Second, pin your stencil on the area of the mat you wish to paint the word.  This will keep the stencil from not moving while you are painting.


Third, start painting!  I squirt paint inside each letter so it could be easier since it is a rough mat.


Fourth, let it dry for a little while.


Fifth, lift the stencil slowly off the mat and be careful it doesn’t paint any other part of the mat.


Voila!  Beautiful masterpiece.  I am so pleased with how it turned out!  And it is so easy for anyone to make.



Hope you enjoy and challenge yourself to create something beautiful today!