Vintage Silverware Decor


I know it has been a long time since my last diy and home project.  But with having a week off school I had time to make a little project I had been wanting to do for a bit.  I got up one day in the search of my materials and I was successful!  So here it is:


3- 8×10 frames

3- antique spoons, forks and knives

1- white spray paint

1/2 yard of fabric of your like

1- hot glue gun



First, I took the glass out of my frames and spray painted them with white spray paint.  I did 3-4 coats of paint and let them dry.

Second,  I used the glass from the frame to wrap my fabric around them.  I use my glue gun to glue the fabric really steady in the back of the glass.  I made sure that the fabric was really tight against the glass so there was no wrangles on sogginess.

Third, I took my silverware and glue them with my glue gun on the fabric.  You can rearrange them however you want, I thought it was cute this way.

Fourth, after the frames are dry, insert the fabric glass with silverware in the frame.


DSC_0187-2 DSC_0185-2DSC_0192-2

And voila!  Beautiful masterpieces.  This is so easy for anyone to make and so affordable! It will look great for your dining room/kitchen area.

I hope I have inspired you to be inspired.






2 thoughts on “Vintage Silverware Decor

  1. Thanks so much , I will borrow your idea on my decorations for my upcoming restaurant. But aside from the the antique silverware on frame ,do you have any other recommendations for my silverware collections.

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