Beautiful Days

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This past week was a good one for sure.  I had one week off of school and it was so good to not do homework and to not worry about deadlines.  So, I had free time to do things for myself.  I got my bangs trimmed finally!  I’m in love with them, and to think I couldn’t pull them off.  I also found two of my favorite pieces of clothing.  On the search for shorts, I stumble upon this high waisted light denim shorts at Urban Outfitters for a great price! But what I love the most are these tan sandals I found at Urban Outfitters, as well!  They are my favorite, I haven’t taken them off for real.  They are just what I was looking for, and for such a great price!   So I took my new bangs, shorts and favorite sandals out to town!  I had a great evening eating food trucks with good friends and enjoying these beautiful days in our city.

It was so nice to take time for myself.  It’s the little things that make you feel beautiful.  Now, ready to start my summer classes this week, wish me luck!



wearing: top & sunglasses- Forever 21, shorts & sandals- Urban Outfitters, handbag- thrifted



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