What’s to come

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Our lease is almost up, and we were not sure of whether to stay in our apartment or find a bigger place.  Having pets can be a challenge when you are renting, not many people trust pets.  Me and Justin are not willing or remotely thinking on giving up on our pets, they are our kids and we love them.  We have decided to stay in our place for one more year, which is perfect.  We will be graduating in exactly one year and going off to our Europe trip around this time next year.  The next place will be moving in will be our own, our house, our home for many years.  I’m excited for all that’s coming, just have to be patient for one more year of school and hard work.  I know it will be worth it at the end.

Also,  it is rare, I mean really really rare for me to put a picture of my husband on my blog.  You see, he doesn’t like pictures or being in front of the camera.  But he is so handsome I had to snap pictures of him to put on my blog, he is pretty stylish himself 😉

Have a great week!




wearing: top- H&M, high-waisted jeans- GoJane, sandals- Urban Outfitters, headband- Forever 21, belt & handbag- thrifted



Vintage Silverware Decor


I know it has been a long time since my last diy and home project.  But with having a week off school I had time to make a little project I had been wanting to do for a bit.  I got up one day in the search of my materials and I was successful!  So here it is:


3- 8×10 frames

3- antique spoons, forks and knives

1- white spray paint

1/2 yard of fabric of your like

1- hot glue gun



First, I took the glass out of my frames and spray painted them with white spray paint.  I did 3-4 coats of paint and let them dry.

Second,  I used the glass from the frame to wrap my fabric around them.  I use my glue gun to glue the fabric really steady in the back of the glass.  I made sure that the fabric was really tight against the glass so there was no wrangles on sogginess.

Third, I took my silverware and glue them with my glue gun on the fabric.  You can rearrange them however you want, I thought it was cute this way.

Fourth, after the frames are dry, insert the fabric glass with silverware in the frame.


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And voila!  Beautiful masterpieces.  This is so easy for anyone to make and so affordable! It will look great for your dining room/kitchen area.

I hope I have inspired you to be inspired.





Beautiful Days

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This past week was a good one for sure.  I had one week off of school and it was so good to not do homework and to not worry about deadlines.  So, I had free time to do things for myself.  I got my bangs trimmed finally!  I’m in love with them, and to think I couldn’t pull them off.  I also found two of my favorite pieces of clothing.  On the search for shorts, I stumble upon this high waisted light denim shorts at Urban Outfitters for a great price! But what I love the most are these tan sandals I found at Urban Outfitters, as well!  They are my favorite, I haven’t taken them off for real.  They are just what I was looking for, and for such a great price!   So I took my new bangs, shorts and favorite sandals out to town!  I had a great evening eating food trucks with good friends and enjoying these beautiful days in our city.

It was so nice to take time for myself.  It’s the little things that make you feel beautiful.  Now, ready to start my summer classes this week, wish me luck!



wearing: top & sunglasses- Forever 21, shorts & sandals- Urban Outfitters, handbag- thrifted