March Instagram’s

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March was filled with so many good memories.  Looking back I can see all the things each month can bring you and I am so grateful.  Last month I had my first “put your car in a ferry” experience, win tickets and attend one of the biggest prestigious car shows in the world, times with friends, times to enjoy the little things that make me happy and one of my best friends birthday.  It was full of homework for sure!  But I learned to make biscuits for the first time!  One of the most rewarding things is getting my Amy (my fiat).  I have grown and learn to show gratitude to the world.  I am learning to grow old, but always keeping my youthful heart.  To finish my month I left to go home, where I was born, where the person I am now was shaped  and the people who are closest to my heart.  And here I am, in my little island of Puerto Rico.  But I’ll be back by the end of the week and will share with you all the little things I did!



pictures: my instagram- thecuriousnatalia


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