Up or Down?

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I am done with two of my classes and started the last three classes of this semester this week.  Little by little getting closer to the end of this race.  It is not easy, but it will not be forever.

So I saw this cute pinafore in Forever 21 and I fell in love!  I have wanted one but I feel they look funny on me.  So I gave this one a try!  But I have a little secret,  I really feel insecure with my hair up.  So when I put my hair up, I end up putting it down later on.  When my hair is up I feel I am being exposed for everyone to see.  I’m not used to showing my ears that often.  That is why these pictures of me are with my hair up and down.  I loved my hair up during the day, but then insecurities came rushing and I had to let it down.  I am sharing this with everyone because everyone struggle with insecurities of their own and there are times we really don’t feel beautiful.  Believe me I do know.    So what do you think?  Up or down?



wearing: pinafore- Forever 21, top- thrifted, shoes- Chelsea Crew, satchel- H&M


7 thoughts on “Up or Down?

  1. It’s the cutest top knot I’ve seen. I know how you feel though, when you wear your hair down it’s like a curtain you can hide behind if you need to, sometimes I feel prettiest when I stop hiding though and pull back the curtain, it definitely gets you out of your comfort zone.

  2. I am the exact same way! I hate wearing my hair up because I have a really round face and I feel like it only accentuates the roundness and lack of definition. To be honest though, when I saw the photos of you with your hair up I thought, ” wow, she has a seriously breathtaking face!” You have nothing to fear. x

    Lauren of Someone Like You.

    • Girl thank you! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to email back! I’m so overwhelm! I will have go home to PR for 8 days and it will be glorious! Time for school and myself and my family. I think you are so pretty! I read your post about being asked on a date and it was such a pretty story! 🙂

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