Casual Sunday

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This past Sunday Justin and I went on an adventure here in our town.  We love adventures and traveling, but this time we stayed in our home city.  It was such a beautiful day we couldn’t stay inside!  Despite homework or any house duties.  So, I put my favorite stripe shirt from H&M and of course my new high waisted jeans from GoJane.  Boots was a must since we were walking through trails. My black booties from Aldo were a plus. I wanted to be most comfortable for my adventurous day.

We found ourselves walking through Fort Caroline and its trails.  It was such a nice weather! We kept driving until we found  ourselves in Mayport Seafood district.  I have never been to a seafood market, so I couldn’t pass some fresh caught shrimp!  Which by the way we ate that night, we couldn’t wait.  It was delicious. Our mission was to get to Kingsley Plantation but I didn’t realize what type of adventure we were actually on.  Justin told me we needed to take the ferry to save some time, but what I didn’t know is that our car was going to come with us!  It was the first time ever I experienced this, I was ecstatic!  Here we embarked onto Kingsley Plantation.  We enjoyed the rest of the day walking around the property, learning about the past and soaking in the weather.  I can say it was a great day for me, and I am happy about this.

Have a great week!



wearing: striped top- H&M, high-waisted jeans- GoJane, black booties- Aldo (similar)


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