Dearest to my heart

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Fashion has been something that fills my heart with passion.  From everything I owned the one closest to my heart is my wedding dress.  When I knew I was going to get married, my mind was set to find the dress that could describe everything that I love.  When I tried this dress I knew it was the one, vintage inspired, lace and simple, not strapless, romantic and classic.  I never thought I would wear something with an open back, but this was the featured that made the decision final.  I fell in love with this key hole.

When I got my dress I knew I had to get custom made accessories from Gray’s Gallery, by one of my best friends Weston Gray.  He knows my mind, he knows my style, he knows me.  He made this beautiful belt, gorgeous headpiece and lovely bracelet.  Everything came together so perfect.  I just want to wear my dress and accessories again!

Happy Valentines Day!




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