Charleston, SC

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Charleston is probably one of my favorite places in the USA.  Justin and I had a great time in our little weekend getaway.  I love all the historic, old timey feeling this town gives.  We got there really early Saturday morning.  The first place we went was a gourmet doughnut shop called Glazed.  We got the plain glazed doughnut, because we are so plain jane all the time.  It was such a sweet threat!  Then we started adventuring the historic town!  We pretty much walked all day.  From the city market to the waterfront.  Going in old houses and taking tours in dungeons.   I had the most amazing chicken and waffles at a creative casual cuisine restaurant called Graze.  I have crave them since I had them.   And to end our trip, coffee!  Black Tap was such a nice coffee shop,  it had such a good atmosphere and good lattes!  Me and Justin just sat there for a while talking while sipping my brown sugar latte!  I cannot explain what a good time we had together, I really didn’t want to leave.

I’m ready for our next adventure.




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