City Limit

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The weather here in Jacksonville has been quite crazy, or as I like to call it, bipolar. One day it’s mid 80s, the next bone chilling cold.  Every time I get ready to go out, I have to look at the weather to see the temperature, so I can decide on what to wear. Back in Puerto Rico it was practically summer all year long. Living here with this type of weather is a bit more complicated. I have found a bundled up style that I love since moving here.  I have been wanting knee high socks for so long, but I was scared that I couldn’t pull them off.  I am so glad that I took the risk.  The ones I chose from Urban Outfitter are so comfortable, and will keep me warm for sure! I matched it with my favorite coat from H&M and a cute lace dress from Forever 21. Blush pink is becoming one of my favorite colors.

This weekend, Justin and I will be going on a small get away to Charleston, South Carolina for the weekend. Be on the look out next week of little adventure. If you know of great places in Charleston, let us know!

Have a great weekend!




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