January Makeup Favorites


Hello there!

I wanted to share with everyone my favorite makeup items this month.  I have never been a girl that wears a lot of makeup, nor do I want to.  However, I am slowly learning more about it and finding great little items.

  1. E.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow- Golden Goddess
    I’ve never been one to wear eyeshadow.  I just like my eyeliner and mascara, that’s it! But when I found this eyeshadow palette I just wanted to try it out. I loved it! I love the gold and natural colors.
  2. Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail color- Golden-I
    For my New Year’s Eve outfit I knew I need some gold nail polish to complete the outfit. I went on a search and found this one. I’m loving it so much that I’m still wearing it!
  3. NYX soft matte lip cream- Antwerp
    I’ve been falling more and more in love with lipstick lately. I found this lovely pink color that I also paired with my New Year’s Eve outfit. My favorite kind has to be the matte style.
  4. NYX Auto eyebrow pencil- Medium Brown
    After many years of having odd shaped eyebrows, I have decided to start filling them in. Often times when you fill in your eyebrows it becomes apparent but with this NYX pencil you can achieve the fullness but still look natural.  Best thing about it is, you don’t have to sharpen it!
  5. NYX lip liner- Hot Red
    Now I did say earlier my favorite kind is a matte but I also said lipstick was my favorite. Within in those favorites comes red lipstick. I decided to try out lip liner to see the more defined look on my lips.  So I had to get a red lip liner for my favorite lipstick.
  6. NYX lip liner- Rose
    Again, loving lipstick I needed to get a pink color for my other pink/natural lipsticks! I have used this one so far and it works great!

Have a great week!




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