Lovely December Days


Oh how I am in love with these December days.  I wanted to share with everybody one of my favorite thrifted dresses! On top of the cute dress, my favorite mustard cardigan.  Mustard is such a unique color in itself that there should be no question why everyone doesn’t have one as well. I thrifted this dress a long time ago, it was as if I was meant to have it.  I haven’t been to a thrift store in quite some time. I don’t know why there’s always a treasure hidden somewhere among the chaos. I need to start doing again I use to find unique and lovely things, like this dress! Plus let’s not even get started on how much money you can save 😉

What has been your best thrift shop find?

Hope you have an awesome week!



wearing: floral black dress- thrifted, mustard cardigan- Target, necklace- Forever 21


2 thoughts on “Lovely December Days

  1. I have come across some great thrift store finds, I love it when I find high name brands for thrift store prices. Beautiful outfit, the dress is so pretty!

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