Parking Lot Fun


My husband and I decided to walk around the mall to get Christmas gift ideas for our families. Isn’t it so difficult to come up with a new Christmas gift every year? However, I think this year we got them down!

As soon as I feel a little cold outside I run and put my sweater on! I feel that is all I buy now, sweaters! There are so many ways to wear a sweater, the possibilities are endless. This is one of the ways I came up with with this comfy soft sweater, I’m in love! I’ve posted it before and I’ll probably post it again but I love putting browns and blacks together. Who said we couldn’t put them together? To me, they’re crazy and it’s not breaking rules!  If you ever ask me for fashion advice I’ll tell you, black and browns all day long!  One thing I personally don’t like is,  black purses or shoes. Since I can’t get myself to wear or accessorize with them I have to match my browns in other ways.  If you see me on most occasions you’ll notice my love for red lipstick. Lately, I have been loving the neutral pinky color.  I’ll stay true to my red but don’t tell her, I think I’ve found my new favorite!

Show me your favorite sweater this week!



wearing: sweater- Old Navy, skirt & bag H&M, necklace- Premier, shoes- Chelsea Crew


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