DIY // Dining Room Table and Chairs

Not only do I want this space to be a fashion blog, because that’s not my only passion. I love doing do it yourself stuff, or I like to say, “DIM- Do it myself.”  I spend hours on Pinterest every week looking for new things to add to our first home. I especially love taking what I already have and making them new! Let’s take a look at one of my Pins that quickly became an inspiration.

We bought a dining room set a few months ago from an Antique Store, and I knew what I was going to do when I saw it!  I loved the idea of a white table and minty blue chairs. So, after many hours of painting, this is the result and I am oh so in love with it!

We just got our wedding photos last week and I was so ready to put pictures in my empty frames.  I love how everything just came together! I can’t wait to invite people over for dinner!




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