Neutral Tones from Head-to-Toe


Winter finally decided to grace us here in Florida.  To be honest, I love it! To be comfortable with whatever I wear and not be in constant sweat and heat.  I love being able to wear my cardigan and cozy socks at home.  The weather has been mostly in the 50’s and up to 60’s, which in my opinion is the perfect weather.  I don’t really love winter attire, I only like only one or two layers.  Wearing a coat is cute, but it’s almost uncomfortable and carrying that big item around is no fun.  This year I really been stocking up in sweaters, I only had like two!  I mean, I live in Florida, so there is not a big necessity to have lots of sweaters and jackets.  But I wanted a few staples and variety to wear through the random cold days that we get bless with.  Everlane has definitely been my go to place to buy my staple, timeless, quality pieces.  I invested in two of their cashmere sweaters and I totally will recommend that you do too! I also got my hands on one of their new Oversized Alpaca Crew Sweaters (what I am wearing on my pics)  and omg!, so cozy and warm!  I thought it would be really itchy, but after wearing once the itchy feeling went away.  Other than the great quality material is made for, I love the color and most of all the design and style.  I love oversized everything.  The sleeves are bubble-sleeve style and has a cool rib pattern and it feels airy.  Another item I invested this year were quality boots.  I invested in a basic Chelsea brown leather boots and wanted another pair of boot with a higher heel for dressing up and down.  The Day Boot is a must have, the most comfortable boot you will ever own.  The material is just like the Day Gloves, it just molds to your feet.  The leather is made from soft Italian leather, it’s really like wearing a glove.  The stack heel its the perfect hight and comfortable for a day out in the city.  I am probably bias because Everlane its my favorite store, but there is a reason why!

What is your favorite shop to buy staples?





sweater– c/o Everlane

pants– Everlane

boots– c/o Everlane

bag– c/o Able

belt– Madewell

necklace– c/o GLDN


Curious Natalia


Family and Personal Goals for 2019


Happy New Year friends!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season with loved ones.  Like with every new year, setting goals is the norm to start a fresh start for a new page in our lives.  This year I wanted to set goals that will bring intention in my life.  Intentionally spent more time doing this and less time doing that.  Intentionally focusing the time I spent with my boy and husband.  Intentionally using my gifts and passions.  I am not a great writer and I know that, so bear with me here! I hope what I am trying to communicate is translating into these sentences.   There are four individual groups I set goals for.  Personal Goals, Atticus Goals, Home Goals and Marriage Goals.  This will help me be intentional with each one of them and give them my uninterrupted time when spend with each.  In only the few short days this year has had, I have noticed a change in me.  I truly want to change some aspects and unhealthy habits in my life.  I see a lifestyle for myself and family this year.  Thank you so much for all the support you all continuously give me through this space and my social media platforms.  Hope to communicate more and more with you this year!


Personal Goals: 

  • Read More- Goal of four books a month
  • Less Screen Time- Being intentional of how much time I spend on my phone.
  • Gluten Free Diet-  Health reasons, physically and mentally.  Eat healthier.
  • Start Taking Photography and Editing Classes-  First class this monday!
  • Weekly blog posts- I need to get better at this one!
  • More community inside my house- dinners, play dates.
  • Keep traveling with my family and plan one solo trip this year.


Atticus Goals:

  • Teaching him Spanish- Reading and talking through the day in Spanish.
  • Start potty training- Wish me luck!
  • Create a play area in the backyard-  Wooden swing-slide set.
  • Extracurricular classes-  He is starting science this semester.
  • More Disney trips!
  • Keep working on his picky eating habits- Jesus take the wheel.
  • Less cartoon/ TV time, more independent playing.


Home Goals:

  • Bathroom renovation- no more peeling tub!
  • Backyard seating/entertaining area.
  • Front of house landscaping.
  • Create and inviting porch area- chairs and small table and a wooden swing bench!
  • Laundry area- small cabinet and countertop.
  • Keep practicing slow living and minimalism- It has been a stress relieve to not own a lot of things!
  • Antique and thrift shop unique finds to fill the house with more character pieces.


Marriage Goals:

  • Date nights- Make a habit of monthly date nights.
  • Spend afternoons reading a book together- less screen time!
  • Keep working on communication and grace.
  • Plan a trip getaway trip by ourselves!

I know more goals will pop up throughout the year and not all of them will go as perfect, but I will try my best!  Keep scrolling to look at the beautiful pictures my friend Amanda took of us in our new-old house.  I will cherish these photos forever!




Photos by Amanda Lenhardt Photography


Curious Natalia

Orlando Weekend Travel Guide


Hello friends! Over a month ago we took a little trip south to our neighbor city Orlando, just a two hour drive from Jacksonville Florida.  We had a little three-day weekend where we visited our favorite spots, coffee and meet with a new friend.  Most of the time it was me and Atticus.  He behaved so good too! I guess he is getting older (I’m not crying, you are crying).  I shared all the spots I visited over on my Instagram and so many of you were so interested in me to do an Orlando guide.  So here it is!  All in one spot!  You might notice there are not many eating places.  The reason behind this is that traveling with a toddler sometimes requires quick decisions (like Panera takeout because he is so tired and wouldn’t do well if we go somewhere).  And that is ok!  When you travel with your kids, you always have to have a strategy to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.  He is a human being too!  You can read more about the Reasons to Travel with Your Kids in this post! Now, let me share with you the places we visited on our Orlando weekend trip.

1. Florida Cactus


Florida Cactus is just outside Orlando, in Apopka.  Every time I drive to Orlando on a weekday I make sure to stop here! Florida Cactus is a wholesaler and retailer of cactus and succulents, where you can shop for your business or home a wide selection of beautiful green friends.  They have over eight green houses you can walk through with hundreds of cactus and succulents.  Also, perfect places for pictures!  I would recommend not going during the summer days, as green houses are extremely hot.  Plus we are in Florida.  So go really early in the morning or wait for colder days!

2. Black Bean Deli

Black Bean Deli is a must stop every time we visit Orlando.  Cuban style delicious food, pretty identical to Puertorican food.  That is why I have to stop there every time and get my fixed of pork and plantains! I believe they have more than one location, but I always go to the one on Colonial Dr, also knows and the Mills50 district.

3. Lineage


Our #1 interest in our travelings is visiting coffee shops.  We need to visit every coffee shop we can find in a different city.  So this little guide is packed with Orlando coffee shops.  We stopped at Lineage our first day and we loved their new space! We had visited them at their first counter space at East End Market (a spot we usually visit, but didn’t had time this time around!)

4. New General


New General is a newer cafe in the heart of Winter Park.  I wish this spot was around the corner of my house!  Love their food, home goods, curated apparel and coffee bar!  A place you would love to sit at and spend some time with a love one and just browsing and eating everything they offer!  Mills50 area, down the road from Black Bean Deli.

5. Deeply Coffee


New coffee shop in the Orlando area.  This space is what dreams are made off,  I can move just right in!  Loved the coffee and atmosphere, Atticus did too! We met the owner, he was so nice and helpful to his customers.  Great job with this new space!  Lake Eola Area.

6. Downtown Credo


As far as I know, Credo has been the local coffee shop from Orlando area.  They have a few locations and we have visited two so far.  This one is Downtown Orlando – North Quarter Market Area.  So far, my favorite of their locations.

7. Hunger Street Tacos


These tacos were seriously my favorite!  Cute little place, some seating in the back.  Nothing extra fancy, making the food so much better! My favorite one was the Suadero taco, even got two more to go…. So yummy, definitely going back next time in town! Winter Park Area.

8. The Heavy


Ok, this place was a surprise for me!  I thought I was going to walk to a normal retail plant place.  When I park my car in front of the location, it is a whole building!  It is like plant heaven warehouse.  You can find a flower bar to make the perfect bouquet.  It has a retail area you can purchase lovely thing for your home and new plants.  A room full of plants for people to browse and buy a new plant for their home.  I’ve seen people do small events here and photo shoots.  It is a new business that just opened in the Winter Park Area.

9. Craft & Common


Another new coffee shop that just opened in Orlando.  I am so surprise at how many beautiful places are opening in this city!  The person that created this space definitely has an eye and passion for interior design and styling.  Their mocha was so delicious!  They offer craft drinks that sound pretty good, wish I tried one! They have a small retail area too, so you can shop while you sip coffee.  Lake Eola Area.

10. Se7ven Bites


Talk about comfort food!  Biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, grits, mac and cheese.  The definition of comfort.  Be prepared to be really full and tired after.  Northeast Orlando Area.

11. Disney Springs


People always think of Disney when they hear Orlando.  We never go to Disney parks when we go to Orlando haha.  We usually stop at Disney Springs.  Is in the Disney area and you don’t have to pay to go in.  Is an open shopping center with Disney stores and a brand new area with major retail stores.  There are different restaurants too.  They did a beautiful job with the extension of what we used to know as Downtown Disney.  A good place to get a feeling of Disney without going to the parks.  Kissimmee Area.

12. Winter Park


You may have noticed, many of the places I visit in my time in Orlando are in Winter Park, just right outside Orlando.  Winter Park is full of restaurant and stores and beautiful neighborhoods.  Farmers Market on Saturdays and big park to spend some time walking around.

13. Rifle Paper Co


Yes, Rifle Paper is based in the Winter Park area, right outside of Orlando in the state of Florida!  Love visiting the original Rifle Store and see the behind the scenes in the background.  Be sure to stop by and buy you some Rifle Paper goodies (or all of them!).

14.  Other Places

I have two places I have in mind I would have love to add to this list, but didn’t had a chance to make it this time around.

First is East End Market, an inside market with different vendors, restaurants and coffee.  An outside patio to eat or drink your wine and beer.  You can shop for plants or walk through a small garden too! In the Audubon Park Area.  Every city needs this type of market.

Second is Prato, a pizza restaurant in the heart of Winter Park.  Many have recommended eating at this restaurant, but unfortunately haven’t made it there yet! I recommend you go and tell me about your experience.  It is a beautiful place too!


Hope this was helpful and you get to visit some of these places next time you visit Orlando!




Curious Natalia