Let’s be Honest Mamas: Postpartum

Let’s be Honest Mamas: Postpartum


Wow, it has been a while since an Honest Mamas post!  We took the summer off to spend time with our family and friends and go on any planned vacations.  This month the lovely Kacie from www.elementsofellis.com asked me and a few mamas to be part of this month’s Q&A.  This one is an important one for me since we are talking about postpartum  depression and postpartum life.  Hope you enjoy reading my answers and make sure to read the other collaborating mama’s posts!  Links are attached at the bottom 🙂


1. Did you deal with the baby blues or postpartum depression? If yes, how long did it last and how did you cope? 

Yes, I have dealt with postpartum depression.  When Atticus was 2 months old I broke down and was diagnosed with Postpartum OCD and Anxiety.  I am still coping with it, but much better! Still go on monthly doctor visits and still on medication.  I relapsed once around July, but I can say that this week I am back to my old self.  Things I have done to make myself better are getting out of the house during the week, have lunch with friends, some therapy, sometimes exercise, travel and talk about it my PPD journey.

2. What are your must-have products for postpartum life? A belly band? Pads? Certain types of clothing?

For a few weeks after birth I rely on pads with witch hazel rounds.  I had a really bad tear, so that helped with pain and healing.  Flowy clothes, I couldn’t stand tight form-fitting clothes because they felt uncomfortable and I didn’t like myself in them.


3. What is one thing you wish you would have been more prepared for postpartum?

I should have gone back on medication, since I was on them during my second and part of third trimester.  I should’ve read more about what postpartum depression looked like.  I know what depression feels like, but didn’t know about other types under postpartum like OCD and Psychosis.  As for my body, I really didn’t expect to have a third degree tear. I wasn’t prepared for that, but I guess is not something you can prepare for other than follow instructions about healing.

4. Share your favorite postpartum recipe…an easy meal, lactation cookies, etc.  

I would say tacos and fajitas were the easiest recipes to make.  Brown some ground beef and throw a taco seasoning packet.  Or cook some chicken with onions a peppers with fajita seasoning. White rice and chicken was on the menu too.  And of course take out and PB&Js!


5. What do you love about your postpartum body?

I feel I like my body more postpartum than before I was pregnant.  I feel I am healthier than before and care more about taking care of myself so I am able to take care of my baby boy.


Collaborating mamas:

Kacie Ellis elementsofellis.com // Amber Hill amberlately.com // Emily Lindsey happilylindsey.com // Camille Burley theburleytribe.com // Victoria Schneider thesoutherntrunk.com

Dress by: Dwell and Slumber 

Pictures by: Merè and Me Photography


Curious Natalia

Black Jumpsuit Apparatus

Black Jumpsuit Apparatus


Hello there! It has been a hot minute here.  It is has been hard for me to take time to write because either I’m chasing a baby or just to tired! I really do want to bring back the old with some of the new.  The reason this little page exist.  That is why today I am sharing an outfit post! Yes, you are as surprise as I am haha.  It is my passion and I feel it has evolved and will continue to change in this new chapter of my life.  The new norm is comfort, still not extremely casual and always adding some accessory to make it from boring to a great outfit. And I still want to feel confident with what I am wearing!

Let me tell you about the most comfortable, softest, perfect jumpsuit in life.  This black jumpsuit from Rachel Pally it’s exactly what I am talking about! So much comfort, but still some personality behind it.  I love the wide culotte style legs and tie around the waist.  I put this jumpsuit on and so many outfit ideas came to mind.  I can make it more casual with some flat sandals and a bandana around your neck (because if you know me you have noticed my obsession with bandanas haha).  I also can dress it up for an especial event or date night with some block heels and statement earrings.  I am actually really excited to try this other two ways to wear this black jumpsuit! Definitely a summer staple that can be transition to fall.

Anyone else thinking this is the hottest summer ever? Lawd, I can’t even walk outside to check the mail.

Have a great weekend!




black jumpsuit- Rachel Pally

hat- Lack of Color

shoes- Lotta from Stockholm 

necklace- fashionABLE


Curious Natalia

New Baby Smell

New Baby Smell


Bath time is one of our favorite daily things with do.  Atticus could stay in the water for a long time just playing and splashing, while I try to give him a bath haha. Something I have always loved is the scent of baby wash and lotions.  I could smell them all day! My all time favorite smell is from the Mustela products.  To be honest, I could shower and put that lotion on me everyday (I don’t haha).  You know those smells that are so addicting you open the bottle just to smell it every time?  Another thing I love about Mustela is their formula made with Avocado Perseose… Avocado!!!!!  This patented natural ingredients helps hydrated your baby’s delicate skin. They are also hypoallergenic and helps minimize the risk of skin allergic reactions.

When we bought this house I always dreamt of giving my baby baths in my farm sink.  Since we brought him home he has taking his bath in the sink with a baby tub inside of it.  I don’t feel safe having him directly in the sink yet, since he is so over the place I know he is gonna hit his head somewhere or slide in it.  I love the Boon SOAK tubs size and versatility.  It can be used with newborns, infants and toddlers. The bump on the bottom of the tub can be adjusted depending on your child’s age.  You can also place Boon SOAK in an adult bath tub.  I love how it’s a neutral color, which is oddly important to me haha.  I feel I could use this tub when we go to road trips and stay in places that only have showers, making it difficult to give your baby a bath.  Trust me, it happened to me in my last road trip!

Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July!



*Disclosure: I received samples from Boon and Mustela, but all opinions are my own. 


Curious Natalia